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How VastraApp Can Help You To Manage Your Textile Business Effortlessly

  • Get detailed and clear visibility in your business

  • Access your business 24/7 Anytime Anywhere

  • Increase your production capacity by 40%

  • Increase your order processing efficiency to 90%

  • Save 12-15 hours per week

  • Run your business on auto pilot mode

  • Serve your customers in a better way

  • Empower your team member and Increase their productivity

  • 8 Level Data Security

  • Easy to Use Interface

  • AI Powered Analytics

  • Multi User

  • Multi Device Supported

  • Dedicated Support Group


  • Jobwork & Production Management

    Manage your jobwork process and streamline your production department. Get real time detailed insights about production pipeline.

  • Inventory Management

    For a textile business, managing inventory is the important thing. Our app can help in managing your inventory with all raw or finished goods. You can track stock reporting also.

  • Invoicing & E-Way Bills

    Create GST Invoices, Generate E-Way bill from mobile in one click. Manage Payments, Send payment reminders and get outstanding reportings.

  • Sales
    Orders Management

    Create sales orders in mobile from anywhere, Get completed or pending order status, Track sales order related various reports & insights.

  • Dispatching by QR Code

    Create delivery challan from mobile using QR code system, speed up your dispatching process accurately and save times.

  • Purchase Management

    Create purchase orders in mobile from anywhere, Received Inwards and Get completed or pending purchase order status, Track purchase/supplier related various reports & insights on the go.

  • Designs & Catalog Management

    Add unlimited designs & catalogs with images and pdfs. Apply filters as per your search requirements. Share with your customers as image, pdfs, webpage, videos etc

  • Make Your E-Commerce Store

    Create your own e-commerce store, add categories and subcategories. Share store link with your customers and get orders online directly into App.

  • Get AI Based Analytics & Reports

    With our AI based reports and insights feature, we provide you best in class business reporting for your all department such as Sales, Purchase, Production, Inventory etc, Track business with advance reports and take decisions like a pro.

  • Make Your Own Branded App

    Create your own branded e-commerce App on play store and app store. Fully integrated with VastraApp.

  • Vastra Accounting Integrations

    Get Tally/Busy financial reports on mobile and Generate invoices in your accounting software within a click with VastraApp.

  • Manage Multi Locations

    Manage your multi office/ godowns in VastraApp. You can track your all location’s orders, stocks etc from a single App.

VastraApp - The Preferred Choice of Textile Businesses

We are growing and so are our clients :

  • 25+


  • 2M+

    Transaction Done

  • 100k

    Organizations Registered

  • 250K+

    Stackholder Registered

VastraApp In Numbers

  • 840944+

    Job Slips Created

  • 529867+

    Sales Orders Created

  • 1839921+

    Delivery Challans Created

  • 142598+

    Reminders Generated

Trusted by 100k+ Textile & Garment Businesses

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Frequently Asked Questions

You Asked, We Respond

What is VastraApp ?

VastraApp is an app for the textile and garment Manufacturers of India . It helps them run their operations efficiently and saves cost and time.

Not only they can manage Jobslips, Sales Orders, Purchase Inwards and Delivery Challans in the app but also get various business insights via reports.

They can track their Inventory of Designs, Raw Materials and Karigars. They can take timely follow ups with Karigars, Customers and Suppliers with the help of VastraApp.

How does it works?

VastraApp is easy to use for any textile business owner, just follow few steps and you are good to go

• Simply download the app and register your organization in simple steps.

• Add your staff members like Production, Sales, Packing Manager if you want to.

• Ask your staff to download the app once you add them.

• You all can work together under a single organisation once they login.

• Save time and increase profit.

If you have any doubts, Please call us on directly on 88494 98178

Is VastraApp Hard To Handle?

Absolutely not.

VastraApp is designed to be used by your existing staff members with little or no training. The idea is to reduce your workload by a great margin and not to increase it.

Your staff is already managing cumbersome paper-based slips and challans. They just need to start doing that on the VastraApp. We promise it will be a far better experience.

Can you explain the process with an example?


Suppose Prakash is your Production manager. Prakash is used to issue paper-based jobslips to multiple karigars on regular basis. Now once the karigar returns goods, Prakash will make an entry in the receipt book and add receive entry into the slip.

With VastraApp, Prakash creates Jobslips directly in the app, takes 2 printouts and gives one copy to respective karigar and the other he files. Now while receiving the goods, he will just open the app and receive the goods.

That’s it. No additional work!

Same as Prakash, the Sales manager, Packing Manager, Purchase Inward person, all of them can do their jobs far better on the VastraApp.

But we are already using Tally or other Accounting Software?

No problem. You will continuing using them. We are not here to replace Tally or any other accounting software. We are here to help you replace Paper-based slips and tedious process of managing them. Not only that, but we also give important business insights to increase profit, which is very hard to get right now.

Why do you need Mobile Number?

VastraApp uses Mobile Number to uniquely identify Karigars, Customers. You can directly call them, and send WhatsApp to them.

We are here to help you and not to sell the data. Also, we are not one of those free apps. We are already charging you for our services. We will make enough money from subscription to run our operations and make profit.

Rest assured, others would never have access your data without your consent. WE DON’T SPAM OR SELL YOUR DATA.

Is my data secure on the VastraApp?

One Hundred Percent (100%). We use industry standard encryption, security measures to protect your data and apply best practices to avoid data theft.

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