Vastra Making Made Easy


  • Save 12-15 hours per week

  • Stop losing Rupee 2-20 lakhs due to inefficiency

  • Reduce

  • Easy Follow

  • Increase

App Features

  • 1

    Design Catalogues

    Manage your designs and share with customers with price via Whatsapp.

  • 2

    Sales Orders

    Take sales orders by keeping tab on current design inventory on the go.

  • 3

    Purchase Inwards

    Maintain your purchase records with scanned pictures and track supplier-wise purchases.

  • 4

    Production Jobslips

    Create digital job slips once and auto-generate all other important reports.

  • 5

    Packing and Dispatch

    Create packing slips, sales order-wise dispatches.

  • 6

    Text, Audio, and Photo Notes

    Never forget anything; Add text, audio, and photo notes and share.

  • 7

    Karigar Insights

    Know karigar-wise current stock of designs and raw materials.

  • 8

    Stock in hand

    Know current stock of designs and raw materials from anywhere.

  • 9

    Sales Order Status

    Manage pending sales orders.

  • 10

    Product Insights

    Know production status for each of your orders.

  • 11

    Daily Business Report

    Daily updates on total production, sales, packing, and purchases.

  • 12

    Intelligent Reminders

    Add reminders for payment, production, collection, purchase, and more.

Why is it Smart?

  • Save at least 2 hours a day by maintaining job records and karigar follow-ups.

  • Know your raw material stock at any time and avoid over-ordering.

  • Know production pipeline and avoid over-producing.

  • Know your sales orders and handle sales team effectively.

  • Know your Design stock while accepting sales order and delivery challans.

  • Know your Production, Karigar-wise and Design-wise stock on a single tap.

  • Plan your deliveries in a smarter way.

  • Manage tasks effectively with intelligent reminders.

  • Manage your business effectively from anywhere.

  • Grow your business with intelligent insights and efficient management.

Frequently Asked Questions

Not at all. Your existing staff can start using it in minutes as it is as easy as using Whatsapp.
We use industry standard encryption to secure your data. You and only you can access it. You can also control the access of your staff.
The app will help you print from any wifi enabled printer or any printer connected to the Internet.

Suppose Prakash is your Production manager. Prakash is used to issue paper-based jobslips to multiple karigars on regular basis. Now once the karigar returns goods, Prakash will make an entry in the receipt book and add receive entry into the slip.

With Vastra App, Prakash creates Jobslips directly in the app, takes 2 printouts and gives one copy to respective karigar and the other he files. Now while receiving the goods, he will just open the app and receive the goods.

That’s it. No additional work!

Same as Prakash, the Sales manager, Packing Manager, Purchase Inward person, all of them can do their jobs far better on the Vastra App.

Numbers So Far

Job Slips Created

Sales Orders Created

Delivery Challans Created

Reminders Generated


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Pricing Plan

15 Days


Use a fully featured app for 15 days and learn how it works.



If you are unsure after the free trial, you can try Vastra App for another month in a cost less than your monthly tea expense.



Once ready, go for our annual subscription and get 18% discount (340 INR) compared to our monthly plan. It costs less than your annual jobslip printing cost.

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